Specialty Vehicles

Let us customize your vehicle

Atlantic Turtle Top can build any multipurpose or specialty vehicle to suit your needs. Specialty units enable the enterprising entrepreneur to visit consumers at convenient locations, giving an edge over the competition. Unibody steel cage construction engineered to provide maximum safety and durability. Specialized equipment for communications, diagnostics and instruction may be installed in specialty units.

All are available with three entry door configurations and have enclosed entry steps for maximum safety in any weather. Law enforcement units include command posts and prisoner transporters with isolation cells. There are endless possibilities and units for a wide variety of educational, medical, business, law enforcement or leisure applications. Dream up your configuration today.

Endless possibilities

Portable Classrooms

Veterinary clinics with in-step lifts

dental offices

x-ray units

business offices

medical clinics


copier sales & service offices

golf display units

industrial clothing sales units

motorhome/balloon chase vehicles

k-9 grooming units


blood donor units

urinanalysis labs

instrument sharpening units

command post/border patrol units

prisoner transport units

cell phone sales units

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